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McLean Counseling Center offers specific programs aimed at common psychological disorders that have been insufficiently addressed. Our programs include comprehensive assessment of these disorders, and multilevel approaches to treat these struggles more effectively.
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We have links to important websites and resources to educate our clients. We believe self education is the first step in the process of meaningful change. Our Experts review the most recent articles and evidence based research from reliable sources and update our website’s blog on a frequent basis. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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 Our Programs

Launch Pad Program

A multi-step and multi-modality approach to treat the condition has been designed by Dr.Habibpour. We offer a combination of approaches in diagnostics and treatment to rescue your child from slipping entirely to an out-of-control state.

Women’s Emotional Health Program

Clinical care at McLean Counseling Center is complemented by staying on the cutting edge of research in a wide range of areas including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, pregnancy and postpartum mood disturbance, and peri- and post-menopausal depression.


Ehsan Habibpour, M.D.

Ehsan Habibpour, M.D.

Medical Director
Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Ehsan Habibpour,M.D. is a psychiatrist with years of experience treating Children and Adolescents and Adults.

Dr.Habibpour has obtained unique experience in treating patients of different age ranges which has changed his ability to help them effectively. He has expertise in assessing and treating patients and integrating a variety of therapeutic modalities, including medical interventions. He has treated patients from different cultural backgrounds. Since 2014, Dr. Habibpour has taught psychiatric residents at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University, where he holds the academic rank of Associate Clinical Professor. He leads the Launch Pad program at McLean Counseling Center.


Amanjot Kaur, M.D.

Amanjot Kaur, M.D.

Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

I am a Psychiatrist with dual training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry along with Adult Psychiatry. I am a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and work with adults, children, adolescents, and families. I specialize in treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD and closely work with families as a unit of assessment and also as a unit of treatment. It is my belief that a warm and compassionate environment in therapy in conjunction with a problem-solving and growth-oriented attitude lead to better quality of life. I provide psychotherapy and medication management according to each person’s individual needs. This often involves an emphasis on care that is interactive and customized to best meet the individual needs of the person.

I attended Government Medical College, Amritsar in India. Following my passion for Psychiatry, I completed Adult Psychiatry Training and further specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at University of Virginia. I gained experience in working with all age groups and vast variety of mental health issues. In the course of this transition, I became well acquainted with diverse cultures. As a matter of fact, area of immigration and acculturation and emotional health of immigrants has become an area of my interest.

The mind is connected to body, and that a healthy mind fosters a healthy body. My in-depth knowledge of medicine allows me to help you from all different aspects of body, mind and their harmonious relationship. It is this in-depth understanding that enables me to recognize medical problems that can manifest with emotional symptoms, and vice versa.

Internet Gaming Disorder and use of electronics has become an area of interest of mine. I have worked with many teenagers and their families who have struggled to manage this condition. I worked with many families where parents were frustrated with the overuse of electronics by their teenager and they felt that this condition has damaged their relationship significantly. Internet and Gaming Disorder, if left untreated, can cause a significant impact on young adult.

At McLean Counseling Center, we use a collaborative approach to optimize mental health and well being.

Launch Pad Program and Teenager’s Emotional Health Program are examples of two programs that include my area of interest and in which I will be intensively invested.

Carolyn Heier, Psy.D.

Carolyn Heier, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapy
Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Carolyn Heier, Psy.D. is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked with a broad range of clients including children and families, teens, and adults with a wide array of disorders. A native of northern Virginia, prior to joining the McLean Counseling Center Dr. Heier worked for 15 years in Los Angeles in a variety of roles, both clinical and administrative.

In conducting therapy, Dr. Heier has worked with children as young as age two. Specialty areas for children and teens include depression and anxiety, selective mutism, ADHD, trauma, and behavioral problems. Dr. Heier is experienced in working with children in a variety of modalities, including outpatient, school, and non-public school settings. Dr. Heier is trained and experienced in the use of ‘play therapy’ as a way to treat and interact with younger children who may be less able to engage in talk therapy.

Dr. Heier also has extensive experience working with adults with a wide range of disorders, including treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders, post-partum depression in new mothers, and trauma. Dr. Heier has worked with diverse groups, including the LGBT community and those from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Heier regularly conducts therapy in Spanish with Latino clients.

As a mental health administrator in outpatient mental health settings, Dr. Heier was Director of an outpatient mental health clinic for children, and Director of outpatient mental health programs at an agency that specializes in working with older adults and immigrant populations. She also previously managed a day treatment program for children age two-five with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.

For five years, Dr. Heier served as an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. As a member of the faculty, she taught classes in Child and Adolescent Counseling, Family Therapy, Developmental Psychopathology, and Lifespan Development.

She graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the College of William and Mary with a BA in Psychology and received her doctoral degree from The University of Denver.

Kristen Jackson, Psy.D.

Kristen Jackson, Psy.D.

Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy
Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy
Clinical and Educational Testing

I am a Doctor in Psychology with experience working with children, adolescents and their families as well as adults and couples with different life-challenges, emotional struggles or substance use problems.

My professional career reflects my deep interest in clinical practice and scientific inquiry. Very early on I knew I wanted to be a psychologist and pursued an undergraduate degree in psychology at Manhattanville college and went on to receive a Master’s degree in general psychology with a focus on substance use at the New School for Social Research in New York City. During that time, I worked and conducted research in attachment at the New School’s attachment lab and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. The research focused on understanding how attachment patterns affect the parent-child relationship. In addition, I worked with a team using attachment theory and relational therapy with families struggling with trauma, substance use, psychosocial stressors and social injustices. My passion for social justice led me to The Wright Institute, in Berkeley California which emphasizes issues of social justice and diversity. There, I earned a second Master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Over the years, I have developed particular interests working to understand relationships and repetitive patterns that lead to problems in life. I have specialized experience working with individuals and families with a history of trauma and substance use. I worked extensively with veterans and active duty families at two veteran medical centers and a nonprofit service- member organization. There, I provided psychological and cognitive testing and individual, couples and group therapy using Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy and other empirically based models such as Cognitive Processing Therapy. These approaches focus on developing an understanding of patterns of relating, one’s view of self, others and the world and how that impacts functioning. Most recently, I was in a leadership position at a residential program in northern Virginia where I worked with a team of mental health clinicians providing services to adults and adolescents with substance use and co-occurring mental health problems.

I believe in an innate power and desire to heal. My approach is warm and supportive and I work collaboratively to identify goals for treatment. I am passionate about my work and feel privileged to witness the growth and recovery that therapy provides.

Mandana Roushanmeidan, M.Ed., Behavioral Specialist

Mandana Roushanmeidan, M.Ed., Behavioral Specialist

I have been a behavioral therapist for more than 5 years. I started my training as an undergraduate in nursing. After working several years as a nurse, I became fascinated with human behavior and relationship. I decided to study human behavior and obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona University as well as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) certificate from George Mason University.
Over the past few years I have gained extensive experience working and treating many patients, as young as 18 months up to 65 years of age, with behavioral and psychological challenges.

My passion lies in early-intervention, academic readiness skill building and adolescent social skills acquisition. I have worked with and remain interested in working with students of varying ethnicities and cultures.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of certain techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. As a behavior specialist, I work in one of many sub-diciplines of ABA, including behavioral gerontology, which includes working with older people with late-life anxiety, depression, or post-stroke behavioral problems.

At McLean Counseling Center, I work closely with our team of professionals who are experts in treating executive function limitations and its related disorders in youth including ADHD, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Dr. Habibpour, who is our child psychiatrist, provides guidance and works closely with patients and their families in order to provide the most optimal treatment. Our comprehensive approach enables us to apply ABA therapy and psychiatric treatments, to manage autism spectrum disorder and it’s related limitations such as comorbid ADHD, anxiety disorders and irritability during transitions.

Our partners in our mission

We at McLean Center collaborate with our colleagues at Roundhouse Square Counseling Center in Old Town, Alexandria. We complement each other’s expertise. Roundhouse has been providing mental health services to the community for over 35 years. Roundhouse is equipped with a novel method for treating refractory depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Dr. David Charney, Medical Director of Roundhouse Square Counseling Center, evaluates prospective patients for TMS treatment and those who qualify will receive an individualized program under his supervision.

Please visit their website for further information: www.roundhousecenter.com

McLean Counseling Center

6862 Elm St, Suite 205
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Mc Lean Counseling Center
6862 Elm St, Suite 205
McLean, Virginia,

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